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 Amaranth-EP-1,2,3,4 #4#

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2009/2009  (2009/2009)
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PostSubject: Amaranth-EP-1,2,3,4 #4#   Wed Apr 29, 2009 12:30 am

Basically where ein is from I plan to do other things with this >.> so enjoy nstuff
Disclaimer:All of these characters are mine >.> so shuddap .armada is Ein's younger cousin and Louette is kinda armada's girlfreind.

Episode one: Thereís A Plot?
Prologue Play First
Scene: One
Location: Museum
On Screen: Armada and Louette

Armada and Louette are looking at an exhibit on The Great War and The Amaranth. Armada is uninterested. Louette is looking at the artifacts.

Louette: (Excitedly) Isnít all this stuff great Armada? She runs to another glass case, he follow. The history of the Amaranth is fascinating!

Armada: (Dryly) Hn, itís pretty boring if you ask me.

Louette: (Disappointed) How so?

Armada: Pshh.. Itís total bullshit.

Louette: (Shocked) What do you mean?

Armada: Think about it, the entire world went to war over some (Sarcastically) ďmagical flowerĒ that could control the cosmos.

Louette: (Unconvinced) So?

Armada: So, it sounds like some fairytale, created a girl in her spare time. One with a cat, access to the internet, and no social life.

Louette: (A little Angrily) Whatís wrong with cats? Camera gets a close up of her shirt

Armada: Hey, donít get pissy with me Ďcause I say itís a fairytale and donít try to change the subject. He folds his arms. ĎFact is thereís no way itís true.

Louette: Rolls her eyes. Whatever! Turns her attention back to the exhibit. She notices an unlabeled object in the case. (Smiling) I say youíre wrong. I mean, just look at this thing. Itís a part of history and no one even knows what it is.

Armada: Thatís Ďcause no one would bother to research this crap. Itís so stupid.

Louette: (Defensively) It is not! Itís a part of history. Itís a mystery of the Great War. Part of a time of drama and violence. It saw the age of the age of the elemental masters!

Armada: Laughs Elemental masters?!
Louette: Donít tell me you donít believe in them either.

Armada: Hell no, Iím not that gullible. Guys in dresses and special paint, shootiní fire and lightning out their asses. Itís laughable.

Louette: (A Little Hurt) ButÖ

Armada: But, nothiní! I donít believe that crap and thereís nothing you or any writerís convenience can do to change that.

Suddenly the sound of screams and crashing can be heard. Armada and Louetteís attention changes. The other people in the museum start to panic. Armada grabs Louetteís arm.

Armada: Letís go! He turns to leave, but he runs into something. He looks up to discover that he has bumped into Raiden; the cause of the trouble. Raiden stares intensely at Armada, but soon a trademark grin crosses his face.

Armada: What are you smiling at?

Raiden: (Cheerful) Oh, nothing much some little punk in my way. I am punching the clock here, so step aside. He easily shoves Armada aside with his hand.

Armada: (Angrily) What the hell was that for?

Raiden: Oh, so sorry. Iíll try ďexcuse meĒ next time.

Louette: Gets angry and runs in front of Raiden .Listen you jerk! You have no right to touch him.

Raiden: (Chuckles) Should I have bought him dinner first? I donít have time for some preachy brat; Iím not getting paid over time. He walks around her. His attention focuses on the glass case. He smashes it with his fist and takes the unlabeled object. He turns to leave; Louette grabs the object in his hand with both of hers.

Louette: Put it back! It isnít yours, its part of history, it belongs to everyone!

Raiden: Get off! He grabs her arms.

Armada: (Furious) Donít touch her! He rushes at Raiden.

Raiden moves out of the way and releases Louette (she still has the object). He then attacks Armada, electrocuting him and knocking him out. Raiden approaches Louette.

Raiden: You know its preachy girls like you that get hurt in these situations. You know itís not your part to be the hero. So what, do think some stranger that couldnít possibly know that this was happening is going to show up and save you?!

Out of nowhere a mysterious man breaks through the glass ceiling of the museum.

Raiden: (Inward, shocked, over dramatic) It cannot be; obviously I know who it is, but it just canít be!

Mysterious Man: Steps towards Raiden. His intentions are clear.

Raiden: Fine then, he strikes an overdone fighting stance (In a fake noble accent) Have at you!
They start fighting. Raiden is knocked out. Scene fades to black.

Scene Two
Location: Home of mysterious man
On Screen: Armada

Armada opens his eyes to find that he is in bed. He is in an unfamiliar room full of charts, maps, elemental symbols and has a large bookshelf. He sees Louette sitting on the floor.

Louette: (Over Excited) Oh, youíre awake!!

Armada: (Groggy) W-what happened? He tries to focus on her face.

Louette: (Dramatic Worrisome Tone) Oh it was awful. I have to explain it to you in a tone that will make viewers find me annoying!

Armada: Puts his hand up. Please donít.

Louette: Fine. She inhales. (Very Quickly) You got knocked out and some hot guy came and saved us and brought you here, (Extremely Fast) I fondled you in your sleep, (Normal Speed) and then you woke up.

Armada: He gets up. YeaÖ I got it. So where is this guy?

Louette: Iíll show you. She leads him to a sliding glass door that leads outside. By the way, I called your cousin and heís on his way here to pick us up and drive us home.

Armada: Rolls his eyes. Man Iíd rather get electrocuted again than have to deal with him right now!

Louette: Smacks Armada in the back of the head. Be nice. At least heís coming to get us. Anyway you should go thank that guy from the museum. We were really lucky to have him show up.

Reluctantly Armada opens the door and walks onto a wooden deck. He turns right to see the mysterious man sitting majestically, short hair blowing slightly in the wind. This man is Jinsei. He holds that same object in his hand.

Armada: So youíre the guy who saved me and Louette?

Jinsei: My name is Jinsei. You must be strong considering that you can stand. He looks at the object in his hand.

Armada: Youíre still holding onto that piece of junk! It almost got me killed.

Jinsei: Gives a light chuckle. True, this is dangerous. Many will come to seek the Amaranthís stem. He sighs. It is inevitable.

Armada: What did you call it?

Jinsei: It is the stem of the flower of legend; so sad without its petals, so cold and yet, so powerful. The wind blows harder and then softly again.

Armada: What kind of weirdo are you?

Jinsei: I am one who has studied and learned well the art of the elements. A new war is about to begin and you will be a great part of it. I feel a strong flame burning in your soul. You hold the power of the elements, you canÖ

Armada: Well Iím leaving. Begins to walk away.

Jinsei: ButÖ

Armada: If I donít believe in that ďpower withinĒ shit!

The Camera pushes in dramatically on Jinsei that only part of his face and his scarred eye are showing. His hair continues to blow gently in the wind.

Jinsei: Wait Armada. (Calmly and Sensually) Donít you see how the camera is pushed in on my face, the way my hair blows in the wind and accents my scar? Surely this means my words are of importance. Listen to the wind Armada; we are all connected to the elements. It whispers ďStay Armada, throw me your disbeliefs and let me carry them awayĒ.

Armada: Amazing! You talk to the wind and you happen to know everything about whatís going on. Iím outta here; tell my cousin I went home already.

Jinsei: Raiden. Armada turns again. The name of the man that attacked you. He is a thief and works for the dark organization, Jardin. If youíll let me I can teach you how to best him.

Armada: HmmÖIf I can get another crack at that guy, then Iíll listen.

Jinsei: Good because you will be seeing him again. As you know the Amaranth holds the power of the elements, but its ďpetalsĒ were lost. They must be recovered. For centuries they have been scattered, but you found the stem.

Armada: So?

Jinsei: The stem shall point to the lost pieces. Unfortunately once we begin the search our enemy will be able to find the ďpetalsĒ as well.

Armada: Great, evil people are seeking ultimate power. How original.

Jinsei: If we are to stop their clichťd endeavor then you must trust me. He moves closer to Armada. Give me your hand.

Armada: He holds out his hand and is given the stem. It feels hot, it begins to glow red and is engulfed in flame. What the hell is going on? Now seven lights come from the stem and cross the sky in different directions. Armada is awestruck.

Jinsei: You posses the power to create and manipulate fire. You have always had this gift, but you were too weak to reach it. The Amaranthís stem has awakened this power. So now we have a plot. As for the lights, they are the locations of the missing petals.

Armada: Wow, no wonder you said the enemy would know where to find them thatís obvious. Back to the fire thing though. Youíre saying I can use fire, like Iím some kind of over produced, poorly marketed, creature from a monster based anime with several failing spin-offs and made up ridiculous elements?

Jinsei: Thatís correct.

Armada: Cool. Camera zooms in. Know which one Iím talking about? Screen fades to black.

Scene Three:
Louette: Wow, a bunch of unbelievable stuff happened. I knew that artifact was important. Anyway next time weíll meet Armadaís cousin and find out why he canít be around him. The search for the Amaranth begins; weíve got plenty more crude opinions to share through our vision. See ya!

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PostSubject: Re: Amaranth-EP-1,2,3,4 #4#   Tue Jun 16, 2009 11:34 pm

How long was this here?

Terrible form (hard to read), but I found it slightly humorous and somewhat good of a story.
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PostSubject: Re: Amaranth-EP-1,2,3,4 #4#   Sun Jul 05, 2009 10:40 am

It took me four or five hours and I've made several of them but no one ever posted in here, so I never changed it.
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PostSubject: Re: Amaranth-EP-1,2,3,4 #4#   Sun Jul 05, 2009 1:20 pm

I think I might watch it just for the generic, literal, replies that are far too commonly used in other Animes. I like it Ein, keep up the good work!
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PostSubject: Re: Amaranth-EP-1,2,3,4 #4#   Sun Jul 05, 2009 7:34 pm

I don't know if I should replace the first post or just post the next one.
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PostSubject: Re: Amaranth-EP-1,2,3,4 #4#   Mon Jul 06, 2009 3:04 am

Post next!
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PostSubject: Re: Amaranth-EP-1,2,3,4 #4#   Mon Jul 06, 2009 10:08 am

Do both! Copy and Paste!
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PostSubject: Re: Amaranth-EP-1,2,3,4 #4#   Mon Jul 06, 2009 10:22 am

Lots of dialogue.
Kicked my ass.
I liked it.


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PostSubject: Re: Amaranth-EP-1,2,3,4 #4#   Mon Jul 06, 2009 4:19 pm

._. Ok then I'll put up the next one then.
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PostSubject: Re: Amaranth-EP-1,2,3,4 #4#   Mon Jul 06, 2009 6:33 pm

Episode Two: Search
Scene: One
Location: Jinseiís House
On Screen: Armada, Louette and Jinsei

Armada, Louette and Jinsei are still in the back yard. The seven lights still paint the sky. Armada is still stunned.

Armada: Itís still so hard to believe; suddenly Iím a part of something so important.

Jinsei: Yes, your situation is unusual to say the least.

The camera now pans to Jinseiís front door. Young man approaches it (In Slow Motion). Only his feet and long coat can be seen. He raises a hand to ring the door bell. Back in Jinseiís yard the sound can be heard.

Louette: She turns her head towards the sound and smiles. (Excitedly) Iíll get it! She leaves bound for the door.

Jinsei: That must be your cousins. He smiles a bit.

Armada: I hope it isnít; heís just too hard to be around. He frowns. (Inwardly) Heís just so damn special.

Louette returns with a gleeful expression.

Armada notices this. His attention now focuses on the sliding door. A horrified expression now crosses his face. The camera changes so that you see the man now standing in the door, again only his feet are visible. As he steps into the light the camera pans up and finally comes to rest on the manís face. This man is Ein.

Armada: Oh God, itís him!

Ein: Steps towards Armada slowly with a stern look on his face. ArmadaÖ He reaches into his pocket and pulls something out. I heard you got electrocuted, so I brought you a pudding!

Armada: (Angry and Stressed) I almost died, so you brought me a pudding? Now just what is wrong with that picture?
Ein: Has a lost expression on his face. He pulls at his ponytail until suddenly a look of realization takes over his face. Oh, right! Sick people get jello; Iíll bring jello next time you almost die. He smiles.

Jinsei: Jinsei looks very confused. He approaches Ein in greeting. Hello, Iím Jinsei. He reaches out to shake Einís hand.

Ein: Ein bends down to level with Jinseiís hand. (Speaking To The Hand) Hi, Iím Ein!

Jinsei: Quickly retracts his hand. UmmÖ well, youíre probably curious as to whatís going on.

Ein: Kinda.

Jinsei: Youíve missed a lot. Itíll all go much faster if I just say ďWell you seeÖĒ and the screen fades to black. The screen fades out and then in again. So now that youíre all caught up we have important business to attend to.

Armada: Hold the hell on. Who says Einís gettingí involved with this?

Jinsei: (Smooth and Sexy) Call it a he pauses destiny. Also it says so on page 2 of scene 1.

Louette: Itíll be great going on an adventure. Itíll be just like reliving the Great War! Iím totally amped. She throws a fist into the air. Letís go!

Jinsei: Actually Louette, you should just go home.

Louette: (Disappointed) How come?

Jinsei: Honestly you wonít be getting much screen time until you become an important plot device. He turns to Ein. Weíll need to drop her off before we can begin ďthe searchĒ.

Armada: (In Protest) I still say he shouldnít get involved. In the background Ein is struggling with the pudding cup. In case you havenít noticed, heís a bitÖhe tries to find the wordÖspecial.

Jinsei: Even still he is an ally. Even Raiden, the man you seek to oppose has many comrades. Such a great cause cannot be fought alone.

Armada: Yea, sure. The camera flashes to Ein whose face is now covered with pudding.

Jinsei: In any case, we will need as much help and as many allies as possible. In fact, Iíll be introducing you to one shortly.

Armada: (Sarcastically) Who is it, another crazy, middle aged man who talks to the wind?

Jinsei: Would you drop that! And no, youíll see when we get there. He looks to Ein. Letís go. He looks to the lights in the sky. Time is of the essence. They all leave. Screen fades to black.

Scene: Two
Location: Outside a grand mansion
On screen: Armada, Jinsei and Ein

Armada, Jinsei and Ein are at the door of a mansion. Jinsei rings the door bell. A generic butler answers.

Generic Butler: Can I help you?

Jinsei: Yes, we are the ladyís guests. She is in, I assume?

Generic Butler: Yes, right this way. They enter the mansion.

Armada: As he enters the mansion is amazed at the expensive dťcor. (Inwardly) Who is this lady? Itís obvious that sheís rich, but is she powerful? His curiosity gets the best of him. (Outwardly) Jinsei!

Jinsei: Yes Armada? They continue walking.

Armada: Just who is this ally?

Jinsei: She is one of great wisdom, intelligence and knowledge. Her expertise will surely be of great use to us. They finally come to a stop at a large wooden door.

Generic Butler: The lady is inside. He leaves.

Jinsei: Knocks on the door.

Armada: As the door begins to open Armadaís mind is once again racing. (Inwardly) Oh man, here she comes! Sheís probably some hot, aristocratic babe, or maybe an old woman.

The door opens completely to reveal childrenís shoes. The camera pans up a small figure in an oversized lab coat. This is the lady of the house, Imi.

Armada: This is ďthe lady?ĒHe laughs and bands down to her level. Let me guess, judging by your age, your latest discovery was the perfect game of jackís? He continues laughing.

Jinsei: (Warningly) ArmadaÖ

Armada: Oh, wait maybe it was the proper adjustment of a training bra!

Imi: She turns up her nose at him. Well, judging from your age, Iíd say your most recent discovery was internet porn.

Armada: Looks stunned.
Jinsei: Clears his throat. Please excuse him Imi. He smiles. This is Armada.

Imi: So What?

Jinsei: Armada has found the Amaranthís stem and will be the key to ultimately winning this war.

Imi: So, another war really is on the way? She sighs. Itís too bad our only hope is this idiot.

Armada: (Offended) Hey!

Jinsei: Well, we do have some extra help. He points at Ein. This is Ein; heís Armadaís older cousin and has agreed to assist us in our search.

Imi: Her attention moves to Ein, in her mind her sparkles and he smiles lovingly at her. Her eyes light up in amazement and she blushes.[/i] Hi there Ein, my name is Imi. She goes to hug him and when she does a squeaking noise is heard coming from Einís coat. What was that?

Ein: Oh, that was Ambi! He reaches into his coat.[i/]

Imi: Who?

Ein: My plushie! He pulls a stitch work plushie from his coat, [i]he holds it up proudly
. This is Ambi, Iíve had Ambi forever.

Armada: Why do keep dragging that creepy thing around?

Imi and Jinsei: (In Unison) Whatís creepy about it?

Ambi: Begins to float and bring itself to Einís eye level, there is a flash and Ambi is female. (To Ein) We must crush him.

Ein: Shrieks and grabs Ambi, covering her mouth. No, Ambi! Think good thoughts. The others are confused, as they cannot hear Ambi.

Ambi: (To Ein) The insults must stop or his blood will flow freely!

Ein: 'Hugs Ambi! Think good thoughts! Ambi is male again.

Jinsei: OkayÖ Imi, you have been in contact with our surveillance team, correct?

Imi: Ha! That idiot? She adjusts her glasses. Unfortunately, Iíve been in constant contact with that fool.

Jinsei: And?

Imi: No oneís made a move for the Amaranth yet; all seven lights still paint the sky. She motions for them all to come inside the room, they follow.

The room is full of machines, books, papers and oddly enough the fixings for a tea party. Ein looks around very lost until he is personal shown to a seat. Imi pours him a cup of tea. Armada reaches to fix his own, only to have his hand swatted away be Imi. Ambi continues to float by Ein.

Imi: (Cheerfully) Well, Jinsei youíll be happy to know Iíve perfected the machine youíve requested. She reaches into one of her large sleeves and pulls out a metal device.

Armada: What is that?

Imi: Itís a device that will home in on the energy of the Amaranthís petals, this will make them easier to find.

Armada: Well thatís useless! The way to the petals is freakiní painted in the sky, so what good is that?

Jinsei: While that may be true, the lights are merely pointing to the general direction. Imiís tracker will make the process of collecting the petals much easier; especially if one is obtained by Jardin first. Weíd still be able to find it.

Armada: why do you know all this crap?

Jinsei: A supernatural wind blows his hair. Because I am the ultimate plot device, you want filler, Iíve got it. You need information, get at me. You want to advance the plot Iím your man. Such knowledge is natural.

Armada: In that case you should know a lot about Jardin. So, what kind of fighters do they have?

Jinsei: Their warriors are ruthless, deadly and precise.

Armada: Is that right?

Jinsei: Yes, they are truly fearsome and cold hearted creatures.

The camera now pans to a distant cliff, as the sunsets. The lights are still visible in the sky. Upon the cliff are two figures, one clad in black stands diligently and the other sits lazily at the edge, clad in sunset. Only the image of them from behind can be seen. They are Kaneda and Kail.

Kail: (Ecstatic) Do you see that Kaneda?!

Kaneda: (Stoic) Yes Kail.

Kail: I canít wait to tell the boss. The camera zooms in so that only Kailís mouth can be seen. The sky looks absolutely fabulous!

The camera pans up to the sky to the lights. Kailís voice can be heard.

Kail: Oh, letís go dancing tonight! The screen fades to black.

Scene: 3 Ein is busy finger painting he looks up from his work.
Ein: Oh, right! He holds up a crude drawing of Armada. See well, he goes on an adventure. Next picture. And this is the first petal. Next picture of crayon flames. Armada makes fire. Ein holds up an Epic drawing of Armada and Kail, fire mixing with wind. I guess they play! See you next time! He smiles waving goodbye and continues to draw.
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PostSubject: Re: Amaranth-EP-1,2,3,4 #4#   Sun Nov 08, 2009 4:18 am

Episode Three: Wispiness is next to Fabulousness
Scene: One
Location: An Unknown Dark Room
On Screen: Mysterious Figure, Kaneda and Kail

Kail and Kaneda face a mysterious figure they await orders in this dark room and the figures face is never seen.

Mysterious Figure: (Malevolent Voice) Kaneda and Kail, the times has come at last. The Amaranth has revealed itself and we will first obtain the petal of fire.

Kail: (Ecstatic) No problem boss, Itíll be easy! He grabs Kanedaís arm. Come on itíll be a great bonding opportunity!

Mysterious Figure: Kail! Only you will go; Kaneda I have a different task for you. Screen fades to black.

Scene: Two
Location: Imiís Courtyard
On Screen: Armada, Jinsei, Ein and Imi

Armada is pacing around the courtyard in a frustrated manner. Jinsei and Imi are sitting at an Ornate, outdoor table. Ein is staring at a butterfly. Jinsei takes notice of Armadaís frustration.

Jinsei: Armada, There is no answer. Armada?

Armada: (Yelling) What?! Canít you see Iím trying to think?

Jinsei: Whatís wrong then?

Armada: Dammit arenít you supposed to know everything?

Jinsei: That is true ÖCamera begins to push in on him. For you seeÖ

Armada: No! Camera abruptly stops and pans to Armada. None of that other worldly wisdom crap! Focus on the task at hand.

Jinsei: And what task would that be?

Armada: Oh, gee, how Ďbout training me? (Sarcastically) Or do think that your precious plot device powers are suddenly kick in again?

Jinsei: Strokes his chin in thought. Although a training montage would be sufficient, I believe there is a faster way to hone your basic skills. He gets up to go inside. Wait here.

Armada: (Mumbling) Great, now the crazy old man expects me to sit around here all day; Ďprobably looking for after shave or somethiní.

Ein: Stops looking at the butterfly and looks up at the sky. Guys, what happened to the sky? He has a worried expression.

Armada: (Furious) Havenít you been paying attention?

Imi: (Protectively) Donít yell at him! In all technicality those lights are your responsibility oh great war hero, and no one elseís. You should just be glad weíre here to help! She turns to Ein smiling proudly. Right Ein?

Ein: Seriously you guys, that is not normal!

Armada: Youíre not normal!

Ein: (Confused) Points a finger at himself. Duh, I know that! My name is Ein, donít you pay attention Armada?

Imi: (Giggling) Good one Ein!

Armada: Donít laugh he was being so serious.

Jinsei returns now. He has a sword in hand. He turns to Armada.

Jinsei: Armada this is for you. He hands him the sword. I said before, you must master the basics.

Armada: With this piece of crap? He examines the sword. What do you expect me to do with this? He pauses. And could you answer me minus the wind?

Jinsei: Sighs. Very well, concentrate your energy like you did when you held the Amaranthís stem. It should have the same effect.

Imi: How can you be sure? Have you tried it?

Jinsei: (Smoothly) Runs a hand through his hair. How could I not be sure?

Imi: Well said. Alright Armada I guess you should try it!

Armada: Okay.

Armada holds the hilt firmly in both hands, he closes his eyes. The heat returns and the area around him rises in temperature. The nearby flowers in the courtyard w shrivel up. The blade is engulfed in flames.

Armada: Whoa man this is epic! He begins to dramatically swing the sword in a heroic fashion. Suddenly Ein can be heard shrieking and Armada is drenched with water. What the hell? He turns to find Ein holding a now, empty bucket.

Ein: (Proudly) I made the fire go away!

Armada: (Furious) Where did you even find that?!

Ein: (Innocently) Um, outside.

Armada: Shakes his head. Whatever EinÖ (Defeated) just forget it.

Jinsei: Clears his throat. If you two are done we ought to be leaving now. He points at the red light. We arenít far from the petal of fire. If we hurry weíll have it nightfall.

Armada: (Excited) Thrusts his sword into the air. Kickass! Screen fades to black.

Scene: Three
Location: A rocky plain on the outskirts of town.
On Screen: Armada, Jinsei and Ein

Armada, Jinsei and Ein are walking along rugged terrain. Jinsei is holding Imiís device and trying to find the petals exact location. Armada walks ahead, while Ein stays near Jinsei; Ambi floats close by.

Armada: Turns to face Jinsei. Which way are we going?

Jinsei: The petal should be in the center of the clearing, just over this hill.

Armada: (With a cocky smile) Alright, thanks old man. Iím sure I can handle it from here. He runs further ahead, but stops abruptly. Armada stands at the top of the hill. Looking down, he can see a figure in the clearing. This figure is Kail.

Kail: The heat out here today is just god, awful! He fans himself with his hand, creating a strong breeze. (Inwardly) Itís better than I thought though; I figured this thing would be in a volcano or something. Camera pans back up to Armada. Ein and Jinsei join him now atop the hill.

Armada: Who is that and what are they doiní here?

Ein: (Cheerfully) Iíll ask; here hold Ambi! He shoves Ambi into Jinseiís arms.

Armada: Wait! He turns to Jinsei. ĎProbably better to sit here and analyze the situation, right?

Jinsei: Jinsei nods and looks down at Ambi. Ambi smiles up at him freaking him out.

Armada: Okay, so donít move Ein, you go that? There is no answer. Ein?

By the time they look up Ein is already halfway across the clearing. He is now every close to Kail. Kailís back is to Ein when he is tapped on the shoulder. Kail turns around and is astonished by the sight before him. He regains his composure.

Kail: Well, hello! Please do tell me thereís a thing or two I can help you with!

Ein: Nods happily. Yes, umÖScratches his head. Oh right! Who are you and what are you doing down here.

Kail: Begins to circle Ein. (Flamboyant and Flirtatious) Oh my, an interrogation! Well, Iím willing to cooperate, this is of courseÖHe moves closer to Ein and places his head on his shoulder, he takes a finger and begins to make a small circle on Einís chestÖ if I may have the name of the arresting officer.

This lovely moment is interrupted when Armada and Jinsei come rushing into the clearing. Kail backs away.

Jinsei: Are you alright Ein?

Ein: Can I have a Popsicle?

Jinsei: (Inwardly) Well I guess heís fine then.

Armada: Turns his attention to Kail. Who are you? He points his blade at Kail.

Kail: (Confident and Elegantly) Who am I? The background changes to a magnificent sunset, the wind picks up around him and elegant music can be heard. I am Kail, the fabulous beauty of the whispering winds; one of Jardinís finest! Iím not bad fighter either I might mention!

Armada: Jardin, huh? The sword is engulfed in flames now. In that case you must be after the petal in this clearing.

Jinsei: Be cautious Armada, heís more dangerous than he looks.

Armada: stay out of it Jinsei, Iíve got this.

Jinsei: Are you certain?

Armada: Absolutely!

Kail: The wind picks up again blowing his curls around violently. Oh goody, so its fight you want. What a lovely idea! He turns to Ein and winks. I hope youíll be cheering me on.

Ein: Turns to Armada. Can I?

Armada: No!

Ein: But he asked nice!

Armada: Be quiet Ein! He focuses on Kail once more. So letís get started then! Armada charges at Kail who easily moves out of the way.

Kail: Causally smirks. Now arenít you slow! Hereís a little something for your efforts. He blows Armada a kiss (windís whisper) creating a powerful gust of wind.

Armada: Armada is blown away. He stabs his sword into the ground and holds on tightly. (Inwardly) How can I beat this guy? I canít get near him if he keeps up this wind. He looks down at his sword and is given an idea. Man I hope this better work. Armada pulls his sword from the ground and allows more energy to flow; the flame on the sword is larger now. He then swings the sword sending fire flying at Kail. With a simple wave of the hand Kail is able to send the flames upward with his wind.

Kail: Chuckles lightly. Youíll have to do better than that! He uses windís whisper again.

Armada: Armada is blown away once more and once again sticks his sword into the ground. Oh come on! Iím the main character all of my in battle epiphanies are supposed to work!

Jinsei: Please allow me to help you!

Armada: Old man, I said no, no get it through your head I donít need you! Armada looks down and notices the cracks that run through the rocky terrain. Another idea hits him. Hey Kail!

Kail: Playing the ends of his hair. What is it; please tell me youíve given up. Your performance has been embarrassing to say the least.

Armada: Iíve got you now, you damn fairy! Armada sends the flames from his sword through the cracks of the ground and brings them up where Kail is standing. Kail Jumps into the air and remains there seemingly unharmed.

Kail: Looks down on Armada smiling. This smile is erased when he realizes his dress has been charred and frayed at the bottom. (Near Tears) You absolute monster! Devious fiend!

Armada: I missed!

Kail: Youíve ruined my dress, my favorite! I canít stand to be seen looking like this, like utter trash!
Armada: (Inwardly) So now he thinks he looks like trash! It wasnít the pumps, no it was this.

Kail: Iíll deal with you another time; my dress must be saved! Kail flies away.

Jinsei: Rushes to Armada. Are you hurt?

Armada: No, Iím fine. Now, about the damn petal?

Jinsei: Checks machine. Itís just ahead of us.

Armada: Runs ahead and finds that his battle has loosened the earth. There gleaming in one of the freshly widened cracks is the petal of fire. He cautiously picks it up. (Inwardly) Itís hot, but not as hot as I thought it would be.

Ein: It looks just like my finger painting! Ambi smiles.

Armada: So what do I do with it? The Amaranthís stem appears, freeing itself form Armadaís pocket. The stem floats before and the petal breaks free of Armadaís grip. The petal reattaches itself, releasing a burst of flames. The red light disappears from the sky. The screen fades to black.

Scene: Four
Location: Imiís courtyard, nightfall.
On Screen: Armada, Jinsei, Ein, Imi and Louette

Armada is busy gloating in his success. Louette now joins everyone at Imiís to celebrate the good news. Armada is showing her the newly acquired petal and she is fascinated. Imi and Ein now sit at the ornate table, Ein is holding Ambi. Jinsei is standing by the wilted flowers.

Louette: (Excited) Wow, this is so cool Armada! I canít believe you took down one of those Jardin guys! Was he tough?

Armada: Yea, but it was nothing I couldnít handle. It was a big guy too!

Louette: Her eyes sparkle. Amazing!

Jinsei: You did well, you were resourceful.

Just as everyone gets in the spirit of celebration something strange happens. The blue light leading to the petal of water disappears.

Armada: (Shocked) What the hell?

Jinsei: Theyíve found one!

Imi: Oh great, now weíll have to move twice as fast and weíll need to pay surveillance a visit.

Jinsei: Yes that will be necessary. Tomorrow we will begin traveling. We should all sleep here tonight. He turns to Louette. Weíll drop you off in the morning. She nods.

Everyone files into the mansion; Jinsei is still standing by the wilted flowers. Louette is the last to begin walking inside.

Louette: (To Jinsei) I know Iíll get in the way, but I really want to be a part of this adventure.

Jinsei: Now stands in the door way, holding the door open for Louette. I know, but itís dangerous. Come inside.

Louette: Fine: Camera pans down so that you can see the ground and Louetteís feet. As she passes the withered flowers they are restored. Louette enters the house.

Jinsei: Jinsei has an expressionless face on. He raises a hand to reveal a large piece of paper with the words ďEpic ForeshadowingĒ written on it. The wind blows his hair and the screen fades to black.

Scene: Five
Jinsei: When we return to you questions will be answered and allies will be introduced. You shall discover just who the surveillance team is and where the petal of aquatic power now resides. Camera zooms in his face. Trust my words.

Ein: Pops up. I think that guy in the dress was hitting on me! Screen fades to black.
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PostSubject: Re: Amaranth-EP-1,2,3,4 #4#   Sat Dec 19, 2009 2:49 am

Episode 4: Howís It Looking Out There!
Scene: One
Location: City Street
On Screen: Armada, Jinsei, Imi and Ein

Armada and Jinsei seem eager as they walk the city streets. They are heading to the home of the surveillance team. Imi seems oddly apprehensive and Ein doesnít know where theyíre going.

Armada: Takes notice of Imiís mood. Hey Jinsei, whatís with Imi?

Jinsei: What do you mean?

Armada: You know, sheís actiní all weird and nervous.

Jinsei: Sighs It must be because of Zor.

Armada: Who?

Jinsei: Zor heís our surveillance team and Ö. Jinsei is cut off by Imi.

Imi: (Flustered) Heís a deadbeat loser with a tech fetish.

Jinsei: Now Imi, I know that you and Zor have your differences, but there is no call for insults. Although I admit, his love of technology is borderline obsessive.

Imi: Borderline?! Please, it annihilates the line.

Armada: (Confused) Did I miss something here? Whatís this guyís deal?

Imi: Zor is a 12 year old computer expert. Heís so obsesses with technology, he dropped out of school so that he could be with his machines 24/7.

Armada: Awesome! Sounds like the guy is passionate about his work.

Imi: Leave it to you to make underachievement sound like accomplishment.

Armada: Donít get you panties all knotted up, Iím just saying. If heís that good with computers then why go to school? Heís already got all the skills he needs.

Jinsei: Too bad his parents didnít think so, they kicked him out.

Armada: Thatís harsh.

Jinsei: Yes it is, but we must end this conversation as we have arrived at his home. Jinsei turns to the other and the camera zooms in on his eye at a crooked angle. Trash talking will not be appreciated.

Imi: Iím not making any promises!

Jinsei: (Sensually) Imi you must calm yourself. If you do not then dramatic irony will surely befall you before the dayís end. Irony is the cruelest writing element. Do not invite it into your world.

Imi: Oh, just knock on the door already!

Jinsei knocks on the door and waits a moment. There is no response. He knocks again and still there is only silence.

Imi: Imi balls up her fists and begins to shout. (Angrily) Zor! Would you get don here already!

The sound of quick footsteps can be heard and the door is opened to reveal an untidy, sleepy eyed boy. This is Zor.

Zor: Hey Imi! ĎSup? Screen fades to black.

Scene: Two
Location: An Unknown Eerie Room
On Screen: Kaneda, Kail, Raiden and the Mysterious Figure

Kaneda, Kail, Raiden and the Mysterious Figure are sitting around a long table. Kail sits next to Raiden. There is an empty seat next to Kaneda and another empty seat at the other end of the table across from the Mysterious Figure whom once again remain unseen

Mysterious Figure: You have been gathered here to discuss Jardinís progress. Thus far we haveÖHe stops when Kail raises his hand. Yes Kail?

Kail: Is this going to take long? I have other things to do.

Mysterious Figure: After your failure to collect the petal of fire, you should have no complaints.

Raiden: Begins to snicker.

Mysterious Figure: Raiden you also failed! You were supposed to retrieve the stem, but you lost it to Jinsei and some little girl.

Raiden: (Sarcastically) Well excuse me, oh ominous shadow. I donít see you collecting anything. You donít even have a name yet.

Mysterious Figure: Iím more malevolent and mysterious that way.

Raiden: Sure.

Mysterious Figure: Enough! I am in charge of this organization and I have the mind to smite you all! However, seeing as Kaneda has retrieved the petal of water I will spare you.

Raiden: Am I supposed to be grateful? He is elbowed by Kail.

Mysterious Figure: I must take my leave now. I have business to attend to, the likes of which will not be revealed until later on in the plot. Mayumi will fill you in on in what information we have on Jinseiís little team. He leaves and a woman enters the room. She is curvy and dressed questionably. This woman is Mayumi.

Suddenly everyoneís posture and behavior changes. Raiden begins to play a handheld game. Kaneda busies himself with polishing his sword and Kail starts painting his nails. Mayumi looks at them with a furious gaze.
Mayumi: (Annoyed) Excuse me! You are all still on duty and have not been dismissed. Everyone continues their activities. You will stand at attention!

Kaneda: He cuts his eye at her, still polishing his blade. (Stoic) I will not take orders from someone as weak as you. You have no power here.

Mayumi: You all work for my father, have some respect.

Kail: Checks his nails and blows on them. You donít sign my paycheck. You want my attention, take a number dear.

Raiden: Raiden begins to chuckle and this infuriates Mayumi. She walks over to him and snatches his game from his hands. She removes the battery before handing back to him.

Mayumi: Looks like Iíve got your attention now.

Raiden: Not really. He gives the game a small shock and it turns back on.

Mayumi: When my father hears about this disrespectÖ

Raiden: Without looking up from his game. Look skank, donít you have some johns lined up or something?

Kaneda: Your words are of no use to us.

Mayumi: I happen to be the one who knows all about Jinseiís pathetic revolt.

Kail: I wouldnít throw the word ďpatheticĒ around if I was you.
Mayumi: He-she!

Kail: Tramp. He Checks his nails again.

Mayumi: Enough! I have important information for you andÖ She looks around the room and sees the empty seat next to Kaneda. Where the hell is Anten!?

Raiden: The test-tube baby? Oh, he said heíd be back. And could you move, your breast are blocking my light.

Scene: Three
Location: Zorís Apartment
On Screen: Armada, Jinsei, Zor, Imi and Ein

Armada, Jinsei, Imi and Ein are standing in a large room in Zorís apartment. It is completely filled with computers, monitors, TVs, wires and various assortments of electronics. Armada is stunned while Imi seems unimpressed. Jinsei is looking at a computer monitor; Zor sits in front of another. Ein is busy touching things.

Zor: Armada right?

Armada: Huh?

Zor: I was making sure I had your name right.

Armada: Yeah, thatís it. So tell me, is it true what they say about you?

Zor: What do you mean?

Ein: Why do you have a fetish?

Zor: Turns to look at Ein. What?

Armada: Ignore my cousin, heísí not quite right.

Jinsei: Armada, Ein is your elder you should respect him. The camera pans to Ein tangled in some wires. Ambi is pulling at them trying to free him.

Armada: (Sarcastically) Iíll get right on that, after all heís got so much wisdom to share!

Jinsei: Sighs Iíll get him. He walks away

Zor: So I take it youíve met my fiancť.

Armada: Youíre getting married?
Zor: Yeah, Imiís gonna make a good wife.

Imi: I am not going to marry you!

Zor: you shouldnít yell at me like that. After all, I am going to be your provider one day.

Imi: Youíre a no good bum, you just want my money!

Armada: Which brings up an interesting point; how can you afford all this crap?

Zor: Donít call my stuff ďcrapĒ. I run a business creating and monitoring websites for other companies and it pays well.

Armada: Could have fooled me.

Zor: Aside from my machines, I prefer to live humbly.

Imi: Thatís a lie! Youíre just broke because you spend all of your money on this garbage. You invest so much time into this nonsense to. So much in fact that you donít even have time for normal things, like cleaning up this dump!

Zor: He turns to Imi. Thatís what Iíve got you for babe.

Imi: Folds her arms and turns up her nose.

Zor: Turns back to the monitor. I managed to get a shot of the guy who look the petal of water.

Jinsei: Now returns with Ein. Did you find any information on him?

Zor: Zor brings up a picture of Kaneda on the screen. Well, I know his name is Kaneda, heís 23 years old and apparently heís a good swordsman.

Jinsei: Studying the picture. Anything else?

Zor: He has a twin, but thatís insignificant.

Jinsei: Strokes his chin in thought. A man named Kaneda, one with a twin. That sounds familiar, he must be with Jardin.

Ein: The guy in the dress?

Armada: No Ein, not him!

Ein: Looks down at Ambi and Ambi nods.

Ambi: Soon enough!
Ein: But, they arenít listening! The man the picture and the one in the dress areÖ

Armada: Ein quit talking to your stupid plushie!

Ambi: Becomes Female. To oblivion with him.

Zor: Does he do that often?

Armada: More often than he should.

Suddenly for no explained reason on of Zorís many televisions comes on at an un-ignorable volume. Itís the news.

Generic News Man: (In an Inappropriately Happy Tone) In other news tonight, tragedy befalls the scientific community. Isnít that right June?

June: (Equally Happy) Thatís right Allen. Another bio-engineer has been reported missing, thatís the sixth this week.

Allen: (Smiling) And whatís absolutely horrific is that the scattered remains of each scientist have been found. Apparently they all died in explosions.

June: Explosions Allen?

Allen: Thatís right June. I sure feel bad for any bio-engineers out there with bad Karma.

June: Whyís that Allen?

Allen: ĎCause June, more than likely theyíre gonna wind up kidnapped and locked in an abandoned warehouse with a stick of dynamite up their ass!

June: Laughing. Oh, Allen.

Allen: Iíll tell ya dying can really screw your weekend, letís hope the weather man can brighten things up. Mark, howís it looking out there!

Mark: It may or may not rain!

Allen: Fantastic! The TV turns off.

Jinsei and Armada Immediately look at Imi. The Screen fades to black.

Scene: Four
Location: An Abandoned Warehouse
On Screen: A man in a lab coat and a little boy.

An elderly man in a lab coat is tied up. He is trembling and sweating fiercely. A young boy with a stick in hand stands before him. This boy is Anten. Suddenly the man is struck across the face with the stick.

Anten: Iím tired of playing games old man, either die or help me with my plan. He hits the old man again.

Old Dude: Never. I wonít give in to you. Youíre a monster.

Anten: His eye twitches with a strange glint and then his face is innocent and cute again. A monster, am I?

Old Dude: A despicable monster!

Anten: Giggles. Well, I wonít make a liar out of you, I am a monster. Anten pulls a stick of dynamite and a roll of tape from his shirt. He tapes the dynamite to the old manís forehead and reaches into his pocket producing a lighter.

Old Dude: What are you doing?

Anten: Persuading you, silly. Now Iím gonna light this and walk away. To my convenience this fuse is long and it will burn slowly, so if you change your mind Iíll come back and put it out. He lights the fuse, smiles and walks away.

The fuse begins to shorten as the flame travels its distance. The old man becomes nervous as the fuse reaches his neck.

Old Dude: Screaming. Alright, Iíll tell you anything!

Anten: Returns he walks over to the old man and puts the fuse out between two of his fingers. Now what did you want to tell me?

Old Dude: I canít help you, but I know who can.

Anten: Smiles in an irresistibly cute way. Screen fades to black.

Scene: Five
Zor: Okay, Iíve got updating to do, so Iíll make this quick. Next time we run into a seriously twisted little kid and a bit more of Jinseiís life is brought to light. Thatís all the time I have for this, an MMO is calling my name! Screen fades to black.
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Amaranth-EP-1,2,3,4 #4#
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