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 Tiduseya's DeathNote Roleplay Character

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PostSubject: Tiduseya's DeathNote Roleplay Character   Thu Sep 11, 2008 11:33 pm

This is my Roleplaying character for a Death Note Spin-off. I like constructive criticism and wish that if you have to be blunt, then be blunt. I hope that it makes sense and if anyone has a question or suggestion, feel free to ask or tell.

Name: Lucas Morrison

Alias: Ivan Runnings (Uses fake names often)

Alliance: Neutral

Weapons: Lacks real fighting ability, tends to sit back and think more than take any action on his own.


Abilities: Large IQ due to many years of study and pure interest. A bit of a comic, likes to make jokes and such. Looks younger than he is.

Other: Lucas has an odd obsession with the number 12 and often works with it. The most common theme he uses for it is the face of a clock; he sets up objects in the order of a clock and starts at 1, then works his way around to 12. This is a method of thinking he uses to solve problems and the reason behind it is unknown.

Background history: Lucas was born into a normal family; Happily married parents, a two-story house with great neighbors. He lived a normal life; went to school, made friends, and was exceptional with everything he did. Nothing amazing or life-changing happened to him and he felt like that was why he felt empty. He lived most of his life after high school in a routine; Wake up, go to work at the office, come home, read until he fell asleep. The only real time he ever got a thrill was when he figured out the ending of a mystery novel before he finished reading it. At the age of 28 he finally noticed this and made a decision that he hoped would change this routine of his. He sold all of his books, moved out of his apartment and began to put his knowledge to better use than just paperwork for the office. He made his way to Japan and ended up making a living as a small- time investigator. This job didn't supply much as it was but once the word that Kira was killing off criminals got around. His job received no more customers. For now he is living off of his earnings and waiting for something new.

(I will throw in an extra bit for the RP's that involve the story after the Kira Incident.)

After Kira was proclaimed dead Lucas regained his old job as a Detective and has made a name for himself among a few top cases. His current alias is Ivan Runnings and he is not working on any cases at the time.
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Tiduseya's DeathNote Roleplay Character
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