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 Death Note character Bio

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PostSubject: Death Note character Bio   Fri Sep 12, 2008 10:16 pm

Name: Mizaku Hitome Kurosaki

Age: 15

Alias: Kaitsu Katon Hakurai ( uses fake name all the time )

Alliance: Good

Weapons: Uses the fighting art Muay Thai


Abilities: Has an high IQ for a teenager. He studies the fighting style Muay Thai and is in the 12th grade. Even though he is College level. He's is still childish so he cannot sense a threat from a mile away.

Other: He lives in the forest where noone has ever heard of. Mitadake Forest is a strange forest unknown to most people. He loves the color red but he hates the sight of blood. He uses a method with dice and a rubix cube to help him solve equations.

Background story: He had a family once as so is fortold. Noone knows who they are but they are but he doesn't mentions them. He lives in a forest for some reason. He likes it when the sky turns red for some stange reason he is the only one that can see it turn red. He is not the most popular kid in school but he's not the dumbest either. He has an outstanding IQ and he is very skilled. But ever since someone close to him has died he cant stand the sight of blood. He use to admire Kira for the killings of criminals but soon learned noone deserves to die. But after Kira died he now search the answers to help him solve how did Kira kill those criminals with ease.
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Death Note character Bio
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