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 My Character: Alan

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PostSubject: My Character: Alan   Mon Nov 16, 2009 4:50 am

Name: Alan

Age: 17

Weight: 131 pounds

Height: {To be updated}

Appearance: Signature black hat, short/medium length black hair, brown eyes, wearing a black trench coat, black shirt with some logo or something affiliated with gaming on it, black pants, and black steel toe boots. He also wears 4 necklaces and a homemade red tie.

Personality: A nice, generous, polite people person. He's always buying things for other people and offering things like candy or gum. Alan usually tries to have a good time with people and make friends. Has a good sense of justice and judgement that helps him make the right choices. Doesn't want to be inhumane or kill people.

Bio/Background: A person who seems like your average guy...until you hear some of the stuff he's been through and find out who he really is. Fighting supervillains, having an insane girlfriend, and going on adventures, Alan is an out of the ordinary guy who acts like the crazy events he's been going through recently are just everyday occurrences. Last year his life changed possibly forever and now he lives a different life outside of his regular one. He's always ready to fight evil and is willing to help others with their problems.

Weapons and Fighting Skills: Alan was taught some fighting techniques by his father, and since he was born around weapons, movies, shows, and videogames, he learned to fight in different ways using any weapon he can get his hands on. He's also a pretty good hand to hand fighter, but his only better than average strength makes him capable of only fighting normal people. His main weapons are a magical Tommy Gun that shoots red crystal bullets, dual Skorpion submachine guns, a Walther P.38 pistol, a Winchester lever action rifle modified to be a sniper rifle, a bowie knife, and a butterfly knife. He also wears steel toe boots for stronger kicks.

Special Skills: He was taught by a mentor the ability to create ghostly hands. Summoned by snapping his fingers, they can help him do tasks and even assist him in fights. Some tricks include summoning them to avoid falling when losing balance and summoning them after jumping to grab his hands and swing him or place them under his feet so he can jump again. He sometimes tends to joke around with the hands, too.

Likes: Fighting, helping others, making friends, good people, milkshakes, sweets, soda, snacks, fine guns, videogames, anime, various music, comics, playing on a drum kit, playing with his butterfly knife, MM (his girlfriend), hats, boots, naps, sleeping.

Dislikes: Truly evil enemies, seeing others get hurt or die, failing to do important things, black licorice, people messing with his hat, annoying people on the internet, people who back down on their words too often.

Personal Message From Character: "Let's do it to it!"
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My Character: Alan
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