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 [READ ME] New User's Guide to BPGP

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PostSubject: [READ ME] New User's Guide to BPGP   Tue Aug 19, 2008 3:43 pm

Welcome to BPGamingPlanet Forums! Hope you enjoy your stay here. However, before you go for that "Post" button, here's a few tips to using our forum.

First, look at all these links
FAQ: If you have any questions on how to do something on the forums, you'll probably find it here.
Forums Rules: READ THEM

Posting New Topics
When posting, please provide a clear topic title. Title's like "check this out" or "awesome!" are not very telling of what's inside. Also, look at the topics already made. Does one of them have your question already? Don't forget, we've got a search feature as well. So look before you post a new topic! Also, double posting in a topic to get it attention is NOT something you should do. It's just obnoxious and annoying.
Replies to a post should contribute towards the topic. Please don't give a random reply. If you want to do that, do it in the spam section. Also, again, please don't butcher the english language.
They are fun to use, but excessive use of them is annoying. Please use responsibly.
Friends and Enemies
You can set people as friends and enemies! Just go to the user control panel. If you set someone as an enemy, you will not see their posts. So is someone really pisses you off. Just add them to your enemy list.
Reporting Posts
See something? Say something! Use the report button on the bottom right of a post to report it. Type in a reason you reported it and a mod will deal with it. Don't abuse this or you'll face the consequences.
Avatars, signatures, and posts have image size limits. These limits will not be changed anytime soon.
To post an image put the tags [ img ][ /img ] around the source url.

www.website.com/image.jpg" border="0" alt="" />

You can change font size and color. The nice color palette on the side is a convenient way to choose your color. You should see something like this:

Your Text Here

The "#00FF00" is a hexadecimal code for colors (in case any of you were wondering why it doesn't say "Green" or anything like that).

Try to follow these guidelines! It will prevent most people from getting pissed off at you and make moderation of the forum less of a hassle.
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[READ ME] New User's Guide to BPGP
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