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 I had a dream...

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PostSubject: I had a dream...   Tue Jan 26, 2010 12:39 am


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RP Team
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PostSubject: Re: I had a dream...   Wed Jan 27, 2010 3:45 am

The lights were faint and blurry. The cold air thick with the scent of blood and decay. The man slowly regains consciousness. In his right hand, a rusted crowbar coated in blood. His clothes, too, were stained the same dark red. Letting his eyes adjust, he comes to know the gruesome scene that lay in front of him. Bones, blood, and scraps of torn flesh lined the floor. At his feet he saw the battered corpse of a man with a hole shattered into the back of his skull, blood staining his mouth and teeth.

Attempting to crawl to his feet, he flinches from a great deal of pain in his left shoulder. A deep wound, bitten into him most likely, was found still bleeding, slowly. Using the the over turned chair to his right, he hauls himself upright and starts towards the door.

Stepping outside, he finds himself in front of a building near South Cove Park at 386 W Thames St, New York, NY. The streets were empty with but vehicles long forgotten, a few bones here and there, and scraps of paper strewn about scattering as the wind picks up. He headed west towards the railings overlooking the water and began recollecting his thoughts.

"I am Ford... I am a survivor of this Hell that we were all born into... I am not yet ready to die."

Name: Ford

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I had a dream...
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