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PostSubject: AVATAR   Fri Jan 29, 2010 4:41 am

Not the last air blender shit, but the "ooooh ahhhh" 3-D one.

So, my mom brought a bootleg home, and wow, are we lost as fucked, trying to figure out the movie by just imagery.
Not only does our English suck shit, they talked either too fast or it was just too fast for us to catch, but the fucking subtitles for the Avatar's language was in fuckin' German.

Du Hast... something something. Seriously, German.

Lost as fucked. Excited as fucked. Saw the ending coming as fucked.
Overall, it's pretty good ;D
Despite the fact that I missed like the beginning since I was playing RO, but when it got interesting, I couldn't stop watching.

-On adrenaline- cheers I'm up for some RP with that setting!! <3

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