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 Alan's new game

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PostSubject: Alan's new game   Thu Feb 04, 2010 4:42 am

Despite the sudden hatred I expressed earlier, I still can't sleep and need something to distract me.

Quote :
Age: 22
Blood Type: C-
Height: 5'9
Weight: 125
Attitude: Eccentric, energetic, quick to assume things, violent, mean
Strength: Moderately Low

Terry's girlfriend who he met 5 years ago. She's a very energetic and crazy girl who loves to do strange things and likes getting into fights with people. Her speed and reflexes have made her a formidable foe despite her less than average strength, and she's incredibly acrobatic, being able to jump 4 feet high standing still plus being able to do flips and hand springs. Over the years she's become good friends with Terry and his parents, so she constantly visits his house.

Unlike Terry, she isn't hesitant to kill someone or do something extremely cruel. Her nice/mean personality changing made her get along very well with Terry's mother.

If we take Amy's name, change it to Chii. Take her age, minus by one. Take her height to 4'11" and weight to around 113 lbs... we have Asakura.
-Doesn't know her own blood type lol-

Really, I think you did a very good job in describing a part of who I am in this character description... minus the acrobatic part. I ain't acrobatic.

Quote :
Majeh: and shirohana is asakura, and i\'m her bitch

Quote :
Quote :
Quote :
Quote :
Quote :
How are you dancing while I\'m raping?
Which half are you raping is the question.
The 3rd half
.... what body part did that third fall under as? o_O;;;;;;
That\'s for me to know and you to never find out.

"Now we're having a fight about where to look for this fuckin' kid who's standing right there!" --Louis CK
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RP Team
RP Team

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PostSubject: Re: Alan's new game   Thu Feb 04, 2010 11:20 pm

Holy cripes, dood O___o Amy is actually a character I made before I met you.

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Alan's new game
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