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 ATTN: Everyone

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RP Team
RP Team

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PostSubject: ATTN: Everyone   Sat Dec 06, 2008 5:23 pm

Now that we have character sheets, your character will be easier to keep track of.
This is good for Stat and health based Rp's, as well as other RP's.
To activate this,

Profile>Character Sheet> Activate or whatever it says.> and fill it out.

Where it say abilities, you have to put the name of the RP, and the Bio, as there is no place to put this.
I'm not sure what the character(as in letters and numbers) limit is, so...
Try it I guess.
You can also use it to put your most used character in, so when you don't want to repost, it's right there.
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ATTN: Everyone
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