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 The Original Tiduseya

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PostSubject: The Original Tiduseya   Fri Jan 16, 2009 12:18 pm

As my name is Tiduseya, there is a reasoning behind it. This is the Original Character that my name is based off of, he is a compilation of old and recent characters that I've made over the years.

Name: Tiduseya (Tie-doo-say-uh) Terogrey (Tare-o-grey)

Nickname: Tidus (Pronounced as a regular name as opposed to his full name)

Age: 16 (But is subject to change depending on the Roleplay he is involved in)

Gender: Male

Appearance: Optimistic Hazel Eyes, usually covered by a pair of shaded Aviator Sunglasses. The hair is short, black, and choppy, with the bangs barely passing his eyebrows. His basic outfit is a scarlet jacket covering his Upper Body over a blank black T-shirt with no logos or labels visible on it. Then, a bland pair of blue jeans are worn loosely around the waist, held up slightly by a studded leather belt. The outfit is topped off with a pair of thin black shoes, and a necklace bearing a detailed Cross.
(At first I planned on just getting a picture for his appearance but I decided to describe it instead. here is the picture I planned on using:)


Personality: He's Layered, acting different depending on his mood or the people he's around. In the broadest view, he's a caring person. Could be considered nosey, but is just curious. He's very detail Oriented and gives the most attention to the small things. Talking is a strong suit he holds, being able to express himself without trouble. But he has his downfalls as well; He is often at times paranoid, and untrustworthy. Which puts him in a constant state of contrast, by not trusting others but allowing others to trust him.

Abilities: Relatively smart, he is pretty average in most things excluding leg strength, where his body has the most experience (Ex: Running, Kicking, Jumping). (This is subject to change depending on the Roleplay)

History: (I'll work on this later, since I now have to get off the computer and need a substantial amount of time to do it.)
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The Original Tiduseya
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