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 HV 600

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PostSubject: HV 600   Mon Feb 09, 2009 9:12 pm

Name: HV 600

Age: Around 25

Appearance: Slightly Bald, has a bit of an authentic smell. He is a warrior, yet with the most absurd clothes as it.
He has a white T-Shirt, he calls it his "Askento". He wears special black jeans called "Asperato". He also has a scar
left of his left eye, and a Tattoo with a letter R, behind his back. He also wears sandal's, the one's samarai's wear.

Height: 5' 6"

130 pounds

Personality: Pushy at times. When you hand something to him, he knows what he's doing. Well... he claims he knows
what he does. When something goes bad, he puts the blame on you. And at other times, he could be the loving teddy
bear you have. He is also a tad bit funny, gives bad puns, and extremely friendly.

He was the best swordsmaster in his hometown. He wields a Macuahuitl with him werever he goes. When he
doesn't have his sword, he often uses his leg to distract or put a secret attack on the other person. And lastly, he
brings a chain with him, for tying up someone, or helping him in trouble.

Weapon of choice: Macuahuitl, Chain, and his bare foot.

Calastic Ville


Lord Astergester - Step Dad

Femeth Aster - Father

Celest Aster - Mother

Bio: Oh, here is the goody's.
A long time ago, in the midst of the town of Calastic Ville. Lived 10 family's and a tailor. One of the family's was
the Aster family. Johnson Aster entered his house, with Femeth and his friend Almen behind him, carrying buckets
of water. Celest came in, greeting them and giving Johnson and Femeth a kiss on the cheek. They then sat down later,
and told stories that will make them giggle, laugh, be scared, smile, sad, mad, any emotion you can think of.

Then one day, the happyness of the Aster town, as well as the rest of the town, was under captivity.

It was also the day Femeth was accused of murdering his fellow brother. The case got released later, after they found the real killer. Then the routine happened again. Get water, come home, kiss on cheek, then tell stories. Until the story of Lord Astergester popped up. Femeth kept on criticizing him. Then, an unexpected visit came from into the ville.

The lord of all of the Kingdom of Tomrostoriganitor, Lord Astergester, appeared in Town Hall. He ordered everyone
outside for an important meeting. But, it wasn't a meeting. Lord Astergester grabbed everyone with his Chain of Greif,
and put them in a thick bubble. Johnson was in the field, shearing sheep, when he heard screaming. He ran to the town hall, too see Lord with the townsfolks. Then, Lord did something unbelievable. He spoke to Johnson, instead of grabbing him.

"You, there, lad. You have saw something that has to be done by the Lord Conference. Thus, since you have managed to escape from my bubble, I will give you gratitude."

Lord Astergester wasn't the smartest fish in the sea. In fact, the most moronic.

"I will grant you a new identity. You will not be Johnson Aster for now. Now.. you will be Hv 600. HV stands for "Hevelostirical Vecnostermac", which in Ashben stands for "The escaped hero". 600, for how long you will live your life on this planet. Oh, and also (hands chain and sword to him), take those two, your journey in the world will be a tough one, so thus you will need this sword. They will be your best friends, so don't disobey them, and they won't disobey you."
And with that, the villager's and the Lord left, thus leaving Hv 600 standing in the middle of the deserted town, with a Macuahuitl and a chain. He left to the nearby town, and thus started a journeyful adventure with many wondorous events.
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PostSubject: Re: HV 600   Sun Mar 01, 2009 11:58 pm

The overall character seems alright, your explanations really gave me a good idea of this guy. The Bio on the other hand left me dissapointed. Your story-telling ability is lacking and everything seems rushed. When the Lord 'captured' everyone with his chains of grief, that was quite random and didn't seem to hold any purpose.....like you just wrote it to give HV 600 a reason to be alone.

So far, the only thing I see that needs work is to put some more explanation into HV's history. Good Job though!
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HV 600
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