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 Rules for Members lounge,New users, and Departures!

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PostSubject: Rules for Members lounge,New users, and Departures!   Thu Apr 02, 2009 6:55 pm

Forum Rules still apply here as anywhere else.

2. This section is for you to get to know about the members more.
Please be nice and show everyone the respect you would like in return when sharing your information/opinions.

3. Specific topic rules:
- Away/Return Sub-Forums: Do not post something like: “Yeah, I’m going away for few hours” <- time period not long enough, considered as a spam.
“I’m back” = Two words spam.
“Welcome backl” = Two words spam.
- Yo, Happy Birthday*members lounge*!; Few things, don’t wish for that member if:
a. He or she is already banned.
b. You don’t know the person.
c. Hasn’t been online for more than half a year.

4. Regarding Holiday Threads/Topics (Merry Christmas! Happy Easter! etc...) They will only be open for a maximum five days, then it will be closed, no further discussion is necessary, generally people would just spam one line congratulating the event.

5. Lastly (Summary):
- No spamming
- No advertising
- No duplicate topics
- No going off topic

6. Departures:
If you are leaving please specify the reasong why, i dont want anything like "oh forum sucks!" or
"forums is unfair"oh and since you are leaving i will ban you! you wont mind cause your leaving anyways!

Failure to follow these rules will result in warning points on your bar*except for rule 6*

"The wise man embraces silence, while the fool can be heard for miles."

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Rules for Members lounge,New users, and Departures!
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